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death and burial


Sunday, May 25, 2008

In The Well

was found a rake, among others,
less reputable, well, they bore his stamp.

Let none say less, nor claim,
that the motion across its tines,

has anything to do with our writhings
for my part, I’m not buying.

Wait, there’s more. If for one solitary second
I gave the impression of repentance,

I so repent.

I Was Feeling Topical

beneath such a moon, one thinks, I haven’t seen them all?
Which despite my glaring, uncowed the dish still went off
with the new guy. After a while, you develop a hide.

You were lucky to be there. They scaled upwards
first from three-story behemoths to skyscrapers, then
lept into air; and not looking back, nor less leaving a mark.

Years before and during which, I scouted your ass,
full-believing I'd go down beside you, here-inwards,
that this we could say.

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Joan Dark

was crazy for only me, which naturally made me
especially partial to her ass. C’est l’a’fucking vie!

My Third Eye

wasn’t communicating with the other two, but I’d not given in
to despair; all I could say would come true, no doubt; I wouldn’t wish.

It ain’t I.

I Was Well Set Up

for such a piker. Who could care for coin when
all is so rife for no reason but nature, not nurture,
for sure, I couldn’t raise a cub in a cave, but I might
groove their minds now and again with the best of what
it's all got going. O well, shut of that, I don’t know.