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Friday, June 13, 2008

Be The Best

is all that’s asked. Was you wanting
elsewise, like, to flatten our potential?
I hope that would be not, for
I am compelled by law to
warn you,

these fucking eyes have seen.

dither, dot, damn;

O well. Who cared
if hope were silly?

Bad Tech City

I been there
is why
I know glory
My boss
she better
than you
too. But who alive

don’t love to come alive.
A major live
wire she are.

I Lost My Pajamas

in the changeover to these days of end; I asked kin to care.
Or anyone. Beyond Their Noses is uncharted. Beyond mine
stands nothing. I’ll die before a smoking bier or near,
I pray it has some fucking drama!

It's Very Funny

for sure, and I'm not joking. Whether me or
we no diff'rence; long run no lie.
What was wondering was I,
if a trust had developed,
with which I could
forego an advantage;
not one to gain,
and neither given to gin,
I'm must shamed to
even show.

Less Is More

boy is this a tough one for me, since I have this attachment,
apparently, to inelegance, not that I’m not a sophisticated
appreciator of its converse. And, even though nothing satisfies like
trim, I just want to show offf.

It’s fucking sick, if you ask me.

Out On The Yard

I’d crawled between the posts
into a wonderland. If it weren’t
I’m flammed. What I am, ma’am
is headed toward an end of
my time at least, if not yours. God
aren’t an enddays sunset dam best

I’m Not Sure But What I’m Not

outgrowing this art, but I sure brim over after a while
without. Such nice lines you have,
now. I remember when you barely filled
a dusty hogshead abeam a jouncing mule.
I guess I know ya.